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American Ginseng and Herbs

Guaranteed Best Prices and Quality


Since our first day in business, "American Ginseng and Herbs" has been offering our customers the best selection of Ginseng products at unbeatable prices. After twenty years, we have become one of the largest Ginseng dealers in North America, selling over 10,000 pounds of wild dry ginseng and 6000 pounds of fresh wild ginseng each year. We are a fully licensed authorized Wild Ginseng Dealer and Exporter in the US, and we handle all CITES requirements. 


To purchase our certified ginseng products online, please check out our online store. To purchase in bulk, contact us at 502-931-5967. By working directly with our buyers, we pride ourselves in meeting the unique and diverse needs of our customers. 

Wild Ginseng 

from the states of 

Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and






Call 502-931-5967


Wisconsin Cultivated Ginseng

and other Ginseng products, gifts,

and medicine


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